2024 Schedule


Date Time Description
April 1 course closes at 2pm, meet starts at 4 pm KHS Boys Golf meet.
April 8 course closes at 2 pm, Meet starts at 4 pm KHS Girls Golf meet.
April 16 course closes at 2 pm, Meet starts at 4pm KHS Boys Golf meet
April 21 course closes at 10 am.  Start time 1 pm Heaven & Hell 4-Person Best shot
April 27 course closed until High School play ends.  Starts at 9 am Boys High School Golf meet.
May 1 8 to 11 (every Wednesday morning) Women's Day starts
May 2 All Day

Men's Day League Kick-off

May 5 course closes at 10 am.  Start time 1pm One Club Challenge 4-person Best shot
May 10 course closes at 2 pm.  Meet starts at 4 pm KHS Girls Golf meet
May 27 10 am start time Mick Myers Memorial Weekend 4-Person Best Shot Open
June 11 10 am start Senior Age 50+ Two-Person Best Shot Open
June 14 TBD Knoxville Hospital Tournament - Save the Date
June 21,22 & 23 8 am Tee Times Sole Survivor Qualifier - Members Only; Course closed
July 4 Course closed- Division start times TBD PK Sole Survivor
July 13-14 8 am Tee times Seniors/Mens/Womens Club Championship Weekend
July 28

course closes at 10 am.  Start time 1 pm

Par 3- 2 person best shot
AUGUST Marion County Fair
August 1-10


Knoxville Sprint Car Nationals
August 17 9 am start time Couples Modified Alternate Shot 
August 24 TBD

Panther Booster Club Tournament - Save the Date

Contact Andy McKay@andrewmckay79@gmail.com to sign up

August 25 Leisure Parent Child Leisure Tournament
September 1 course closes at 10 am. Start time noon Par 3 - 2 person best shot
September 1 5:00 pm Draw for Calcutta

September 2

TBD Calcutta
September 10 10 am start time Senior Age 50+ 2-person Best Shot
September 19-21 Tee Times REQUIRED Late Model Nationals
September 22 10 am start time Charlie Smith's Chili Bowl - 2 person Best shot
September 29 10 am start time Glover's 2-Cup 4 person Best shot