USGA Rules shall govern play. Local rules listed below:

  1. OB - Marked by white stakes and fences, penalty-one stroke and distance.
  2. Road and parking lot are played as a lateral hazard - ball past edge of hard surface is in the hazard and can not be played - including the #1 tee area. Other lateral hazards (water ways) USGA rules apply.
  3. Protective screens by #3 and #8 tee, free drop in a direct line toward tee of hold being played.
  4. Don't start on #4 or #7 unless there are no oncoming golfers.
  5. Keep carts 25 yards from greens.
  6. Please use proper golf etiquette. Slow players allow oncoming match to play through if hole in from of you is open.
  7. Sign in at Clubhouse.
  8. Soft spikes mandatory.

Course/Slope Rating

Men's 68.2/116

Ladie's 68.8/116

All yardage markers are measured to center of greens.