A Short History of Pine Knolls Country Club

Presented to D.L. Job (1974 President) By John Kamerick, Sr.


The K-G & C Club, a corporation, entered into a lease with Cynthia L. Matthews for the present site of the club that was known then as the Mathews nursery. This lease was effective as of March 1, 1922 and to run for 10 years with an option to buy said premises on or before March 1, 1932 for the sum of $15,000.00. The lease was signed on behalf of the club by Peter Findlay, President and J.M. Kamerick, Secretary.


The club, upon taking possession of the property, engaged Warren Dickinson of D.M. a prominent golfer and engineer, to draw up plans and “specs” for a 9 hole golf course. Also, plans were drawn for a club house. E. D. Bellamy and R.H. Porter were chairman of the golf course committee and C. C. Gamble and C. R. Hunter were chairman of the club house committee. Membership fees were $100.00 for one share of stock and dues were $35.00 per year. Over the years only minor location changes were made in the original lay-out of the course.


The year of 1922 was and active one, the golf course, fairways and greens were built with men, teams of horses, slip scrapers and dynamite. The latter was used to blow out trees our lease provided that no live evergreen could be damaged. Fairways were seeded and greens were sown. However, the season was over that year before we could play the course. 1923 saw the opening of the club. Of course, the clubhouse was completed and ready to go.


Each tee was provided with a sand box and a bucket of water. You made a tee from the moist sand. There were no wooden tees at that time. All golf clubs were hickory shafted.

2024 BOARD MEMBERS:                                                                        GROUNDS MANAGER

Todd Chambers, President                                                                         Barry Sullivan

Austin Geery, Vice President

Roxanne Caldwell-Fee, Secretary/Treasurer                                             CLUBHOUSE MANAGER

Ginny Kingrey, Board member                                                                    Maureen Nichols

Scott Ziller, Board member

Jeremy Cole, Board member

Tyler Vaske, Board member

Ryan Roozeboom, Board member

Eric Mohler, Board member